Campaign Resources

This page outlines all of the considerations for players beginning play in the upcoming campaign. Additional content resources are found here, as well as Required Materials for Character Sheets, Inventory Tracking, and more.


  • Please review the Rules and Gameplay page for changes to RAW, added content, and restricted content.

    • All characters that are pre-existing will enter the campaign with no knowledge of previous events.
    • For information on Deities, Domains, and available Pantheons, see Deities and Domains.

Required Materials

Character Options

  • Keep my current Character

    • Any created Character (Alive or Dead) can be played in this campaign.
    • Character will be granted 3rd Level with a set amount EXP.
    • No Items, Weapons, Armor, or stocked gear will be carried over.
  • Keep my current Character, but select new Spells & Background

    • Any player who chooses to do so, can select a full set of new Spells based on the allowed content from the Player’s Handbook, Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.
    • Players may also choose to select a different Background from the allowed content from the Player’s Handbook and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.
  • Create a new Character

    • Players may choose to create a new character.
    • New characters must follow the rules outlined in the Rules Page. Please ask GM regarding any questions on allowed or restricted content.
    • New characters must have a backstory to exist in the campaign setting. Collaborative brainstorming is encouraged, including between fellow players.
    • Any new character must be reviewed by the GM. This includes reviewing race, class, background, stat, proficiency, item, and most important Backstory selections.

Campaign Resources

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