Deities and Domains

Talmisian Pantheon

The following table lists the deities worshipped by the denizens of Talmis. The region holds many central places of worship for the deities, though depending on the location and the level of acceptance, some cities and towns may have more devout followings than others. For example, Ansiris boasts large central temples devoted to the worship of Anhur, Horus-Re, and Nephthys.

Deity Alignment Domains Aspects
Anhur Chaotic Good War, Tempest Conflict, Physical Prowess, and Storms
Geb Neutral Knowledge, Nature Wilderness and The Earth
Hathor Neutral Good Life Compassion and Family
Horus-Re Lawful Good Light, War Justice and Nobility
Isis Neutral Good Knowledge Agriculture, Love, and Magic
Nephthys Chaotic Good Life, Knowledge Wealth and Trade
Osiris Lawful Good Life, Death, Nature Nature and the Dead
Sebek Neutral Evil Nature, Tempest The Wild and The Rivers
Set Lawful Evil Knowledge, Trickery Destruction and Betrayal
Thoth Neutral Knowledge Knowledge, Invention, and Secrets

Pantheon of the Central Regions

While Talmis does not contain any structures of worship related to the deities recognized in the nations of Derias, Alamath, or elsewhere, many other deities still have following across the globe. The list below contains those deities that are largely recognized in the civilized countries, generally those closet to Talmis bordering it to the north. Many Talmisian residents have heard of these major deities, but their influence is not felt strongly in the southern desert region.

Deity Alignment Domains Aspects
Avandra Chaotic Good Trickery Change and Luck
Bahamut Lawful Good Life, War Justice and Nobility
Corellon Chaotic Good Light Magic and the Arts
Erathis Lawful Neutral Knowledge Civilization and Invention
Ioun Neutral Knowledge Knowledge
Kord Chaotic Neutral Tempest Strength and Storms
Melora Neutral Nature, Tempest Wilderness and the Sea
Moradin Lawful Good Knowledge, War Creation
Pelor Neutral Good Life, Light Agriculture and the Sun
The Raven Queen Lawful Neutral Life, Death Death
Sehanine Chaotic Good Trickery The Moon
Asmodeus Lawful Evil Trickery Tyranny
Bane Lawful Evil War War and Conquest
Gruumsh Chaotic Evil Tempest, War Destruction
Lolth Chaotic Evil Trickery Spiders and Lies
Tharizdun Chaotic Evil Trickery Madness
Tiamat Lawful Evil Trickery, War Wealth, Greed, and Vengeance
Torog Neutral Evil Death The Underdark
Vecna Neutral Evil Death, Knowledge Evil Secrets
Zehir Chaotic Evil Trickery, Death Darkness and Poison

Deities and Domains

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